A list of astrological software used by Jyotisha practitioners

Gone are the days when Jyotish astrologers needed hours to calculate the kundali (horoscope) along with all the variety of divisional charts, planetary periods and sub-periods, ashtakavarga, planetary strength etc. Now everything has become much simpler.

Below is a list of top Indian astrology programs. This list is updated regularly (and suggestions for the inclusion of certain programs that are missing from the list, as well as comments on this topic, are always welcome!).

Most of the programs mentioned below and how best to use them are discussed extensively in my Jyotisha courses.

Freeware (in alphabetical order)

AstroVision Life Sign

Jagannatha Hora – the best free Jyotisha program. It is constantly being improved. It has many facilities, it is excellent for research and sufficient for professional practice. It is better than many commercial programs.

Junior Jyotish – a program for beginners focused on the Parāśari style.

Jyotisha Deepika – mainly focused on Krishnamurthi Paddhati

KP Star One – specialized program in Krishnamurthi Paddhati style

Maitreya’s Dream – Jyotisha program with a western astrology module. Very interesting as a concept, unfortunately, it does not allow any ayanamsa other than Lahiri’s (which, in my opinion, is an insurmountable shortcoming). Functional in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Quick Jyotish – very limited in capabilities

Commercial software (in alphabetical order)

Astro-Kundali – an advanced program in Parāśari and Krishnamurti Paddhati systems with Tajika and Jaimini modules

Bindu – a program from Matrix Software

Goravani Jyotish Studio – one of the best western Indian astrology programs

Horosoft – the Indian company that developed it offers a wide range of astrological products and services for desktop, web as well as mobile applications.

Jyotish Tools – pretty rudimentary

Jaimini Light – a specialized program on the Jaimini system

Kala – An excellent program! Allows selection of own ayanamsa for nakshatras, separate from setting ayanamsa for rashis. It is constantly being improved.

Kalachakra – a program made by the people behind Kundli Chakra. Aspires to become a complete solution for Jyotisha astrologers (at a steep price though)

KP Astro

Kundli Chakra

Leostar Pro – an excellent, newly released program

Parashara Light – is one of the best programs on the market (it was number 1 for a long time). It runs on both Windows and Mac.

Prashna Kundli – a program specializing in hourly astrology

Red Astro Pro – a program specialized in the Lal Kitab system, a combination of astrology and palmistry

Shri Jyoti Star – considered by many to be one of the best Indian astrology programs, perhaps the best

Shri Muhurta – a specialized program in Elective Astrology

True Astrology

Mobile applications

Vedic Horoscope – an Android app developed by Smehrsoft – the same manufacturer that developed the next two apps on this list

iHoroscope Vedic – a basic iOS app, the only one – to my knowledge – that automatically performs time zone changes (daylight saving time changes, etc.);

iNew Astrology – a derivative app from the previous one with western astrology mode.

Jyotish Dashboard – an interesting app for iOS

Jyotish Tools – a good app, for Android

Kundli Software

Parashara’s Light – the best – and most expensive – app for Android – sister to the desktop program of the same name. Excellent!

Commercial Western Astrology Programs with Jyotisha Modules

Astroapp – an excellent web application, in continuous development. It has an excellent Indian astrology module. I will write more about this application on my website.

Kepler – one of the best western astrology software, also has a Jyotisha module


Sirius – developed on the ‘skeleton’ (still very ‘alive’) of Kepler. Very good!

Free web services

Astrosage – you create an account on the site, enter your dates of birth and get access to your Jyotisha charts along with a variety of information needed in predictions.

Haydn’s Jyotish – a service that calculates your Jyotish horoscope online

My suggestion

Before purchasing or downloading any of the programs above, check compatibility with your operating system version. Many of the free programs are not compatible with current versions of Windows and Mac.

Don’t rush to buy or use the first Indian astrology software you see, even if it all “sounds nice” or “looks good”! Unfortunately, many are not of very good quality and are not flexible enough, they contain calculation and design errors (most are not flexible enough to be able to correct the fundamental error I am going to refer to on this website.